18 February 2022

Volta Ao Algarve (Stage 3), Hugo Hofstetter 5th

3rd stage of the Volta Ao Algarve which ended in Faro… with a sprint, Hugo finishes 5th, Clément Russo is 6th.


Photo Getty Images

On the line


“We may have taken things in hand a bit too early, but the team worked well. Maybe that also allowed us to avoid crashes. At the turn at 2 km 500, I got locked in, Anthony got me back up super well, and afterwards we surfed well. We still lack some automatisms, and on the last roundabout Clément wanted to do well but this blocked me a bit between Alexander Kristoff on my left and Clément who was on the right. When I wanted to make my effort, I didn’t find a place, and I think that when I do it, it’s a bit too late. The finish suited me and my legs were in the final. What I want to remember above all are the positive points with the team, the good work done together, afterwards we still have to find our bearings and refine them, which is quite normal”.

Arnaud Gérard, Sport-director

The debrief  


“We have put a lot of good will and involvement once again in this third stage of the Volta Ao Algarve, we just need to develop a little more automatism with Hugo, who has only joined the team a few months ago. Arkéa-Samsic We still have to find our bearings, which will lead us to even better sprints. In any case, once again the team has given itself the means to do things in order to obtain good results”.