World Team | Grand Prix E3
27 March 2024

Vincenzo Albanese, 9th for his first E3 Grand Prix

Vincenzo Albanese took ninth place on Friday in the E3 Grand Prix, which he was competing in for the first time.

Photo: Getty & B.Prato

Vincenzo Albanese

“I am happy with this 9th place in the E3 Grand Prix, which I was discovering. I did my best all day while staying in contact with the best. I am very happy with my result. I would like to thank all of my teammates from the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team. Congratulations also to Mathis Le Berre for taking the good breakaway. When we got back to him, he protected me from the wind and repositioned me well. I think that the entire ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team had a very good race in this E3 Grand Prix”

Mathis Le Berre

“It was a tough day and the blow was hard to take. I left a lot of cartridges to escape. Once inside, it wasn’t any easier but with the ARKEA – B&B HOTELS team we were a step ahead. The staff insisted that someone was needed at the front and I managed to get to the front. It’s a good day for the team with Vincenzo Albanese’s ninth place.”

Sébastien Hinault, Directeur sportif

“I’m proud of my boys’ day. They ran with the idea given during the briefing, that is to say to get involved from the start and take the breakaway like Mathis Le Berre did who ran at the front. Vincenzo Albanese was a discovery at this E3 Grand Prix. I didn’t know where to place him while knowing that physically he was in good shape and that this type of race could suit him. For a first, achieving a top 10, of course it’s not a victory but it’s a very good performance when you see the level. We had the world top at the start and the podium is not far away”


Vincenzo Albanese
Mathis Le Berre