10 February 2022

Tour de la Provence (Prologue) : Maxime Bouet 27th

The Tour de la Provence started in the streets of Berre l’Etang with a prologue of 7,1 kilometers. Maxime Bouet is 27th. Nairo Quintana 37th.

Photos Getty Images and Fred Machabert

“I’m not a prologue specialist. Maybe I started too cautiously in view of the return, and on the traffic circles I braked too much. So I lost a few seconds stupidly. I could have done better, clearly, but it’s not too serious. The Tour de la Provence has started, some great stages are coming up.”

“This prologue was my first race of the season,and I think the time I set on this short time trial is good considering the overall classification which remains our goal. We will watch how my condition improves day by day.”

Yvon Ledanois

Yvon Ledanois (Sports Director): “We lost time to the real time trial specialists but I don’t think they are our competitors for the final overall classification. If I look at our direct competitors, we are not so badly placed. Nairo did a clean time trial. We know why we came here, and what we have to go for”.