Grand Prix du Morbihan
03 May 2024

The ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team au départ du Grand Prix Morbihan

This is how our World Tour teams and Women contested the Grand Prix du Morbihan. Send and ambitions were the will of our two structures.

Luca Mozzato

“The Grand Prix du Morbihan this Saturday will be my resumption of the race. I already took part in this event in 2022. I was in the running for victory, but I still have some regrets about my fifth place. The circuit has changed since then, and it should be more difficult this year. I will try to play my cards if I have good legs on Saturday. Otherwise, I would help the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team to see the best possible results, in collaboration with a team to enjoy the victory or the podium.”

Danielle De Francesco

“The Grand Prix du Morbihan is the first race with the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team in 2023. I have a good memory in Having I finished 8th. The circuit is very demanding with the Cadoudal rather short bump more difficult. In 2023, the peloton will be reduced to the current circuit tour. There are great chances that the stage will be repeated this year, and that it will be in cells that have the longest times ahead! For my part, I wanted to have good legs on Saturday to help the team aim for a top 10 and why not a podium! “.

Roger Trehin, Directeur sportif

World Team

“The Grand Prix du Morbihan is a course that is suitable for sprinter punchers, with an arrival at the start of the Cadoudal bosse, in Plumelec. The repetition of this climb will make the course difficult, even more so with the weather forecast which should not be mild. The ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team has good punchers and climbers notwithstanding Vincenzo Albanese, Luca Mozzato and Clément Venturini. Our objective is to obtain a good result. The plateau will be raised, but we have ambition, especially on our Breton lands where the public promises to be present.

Franck Renimel, Directeur sportif

Equipe Femmes

“The Grand Prix du Morbihan is a race that will take time, particularly with the repeat of Cadoudal where the selection will be made from the rear. Last year, we had a nice top 10 with Danielle’s 8th place for her first race with the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team. We are ambitious for this new edition, even if the competition will be strong with many World Tour teams. It will be up to us to provoke things and above all to run with desire and audacity.”