06 April 2022

Scheldeprijs, Dan McLay 7th

Subject to the wind, as predicted by Sébastien Hinault, the Scheldt Grand Prix was played out in small groups. Dan McLay finishes in 7th position.


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Daniel McLay

On the line


The peloton broke, as expected, from the start with the wind blowing sideways. I was in the right group, but in the end I wasn’t great, but still better than I thought. But I didn’t have a great feeling. When Kristoff went on the offensive, there were still three Bora Hansgrohe riders in our group, and I thought they would chase him down, but they were all a bit dead (sic!). I tried to come back, but it was too late anyway, and I didn’t have the legs to come back on Kristoff. That’s it”.


Sébastien Hinault, Sport-Director

The debrief


“The wind was indeed present in this Scheldeprijs. At the start Dan, Donavan and Nacer got into the right move, but then they lost contact with the pedals. We only had Dan in front, but he was still a good asset for us. A lot of the big groups were trapped, it was a long fight. In the end, it was this first group that was going to fight for the victory. Dan tried to get a good place at the finish, he was offensive. He wasn’t afraid of “losing to try to win” by coming out with two riders in the final, but unfortunately he was caught a few hundred meters from the line for 2nd place. He didn’t make any mistakes and rode a good race with some big riders with him, on a course that wasn’t easy to read.


Daniel McLay