17 August 2021

Roger Tréhin: "The guys got their act together”

Nacer Bouhanni and Bram Welten went to ground in the Egmont Cycling Race. Christophe Noppe took 4th place in Zottegem on a soggy ground in the final.

On the line

“It rained during the whole race, and this weather made the race even harder. I had already finished 3rd, it’s a race I like. Before the race it was not planned that I would do the sprint but the job in favour of Nacer who unfortunately crashed. 4th, I am not too happy because the podium was within reach, and it was an opportunity for me, but that’s how it is. We were four in the final, Alan had already ridden a lot in favour of Nacer during the race and unfortunately he punctured in the final. We then put our money on Bram, but he crashed too. Clement, Connor as the race seemed open before the final we decided to play our respective cards. And when the prospect of a sprint loomed Connor took me along. I followed him, but the door was closed at 300 meters. We are a bit stuck. I was able to pass 4-5 riders, but the first three were already in front, and I kept my fourth place. I am a little bit disappointed because when I have opportunities to play my card in the sprint, I have to take them and believe in the victory.  Fourth is not bad, but I could have made a podium. I am happy with my form, I have good feelings. I recently did a training course at altitude and I am paid by this 4th place. It’s not easy to get my chance in the sprint because the team has good sprinters and I have to work for them, but when I have my chance like here I have to take it.

Roger Tréhin, Sport-Director

The debrief

“The Egmont Race Cycling former Grand Prix of Zottegem was marked by cold and heavy rain during the whole race. We were unlucky as Nacer crashed and hit a knee  in the handlebars of his bike. He was our number one sprinter, but was forced to retire. Bram was our second card, but unfortunately he also went down. But the team managed to get back together, nobody gave up, which is a sign of a good dynamic and in the end Christophe Noppe finished fourth in this typically Flemish race. Donavan Grondin also made a good comeback and rode for eighty kilometres at the head of the peloton”.