World Team | Tour du Doubs
14 April 2024

Raúl García Pierna comes 10th at the Larmont

On Sunday, the Tour du Doubs rounded off the Franc-Comtois triptych with a finish at the summit of the Larmont above Pontarlier. Raúl García Pierna took 10th place.

Photos : LNC/B.Bade & B. Prato

Raúl García Pierna

“It was a very intense final with lots of attacks. The whole ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team did a remarkable job to put me in the best possible position. I tried to get away in the first few bends of the Larmont, but a small group caught up behind me. I hung on, thinking that there would be something to play for in the final kilometres. That was the case, but I didn’t have enough, especially in the sprint for 4th place. I was hoping for better.”

Roger Tréhin, sports director

“We had two cards this Sunday with Louis Barré and Raúl García Pierna. It was important for both of them to be at the front before the final 6km climb. The ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team manoeuvred well to put them in the best possible position. They attacked very quickly. Raúl initiated one of the first moves. He was caught but stayed in touch. In the final, he was just short of the podium. He’s fighting in the sprint for 4th place. I’d like to highlight the team’s application and everyone’s willingness to go on the offensive.”


Raúl García Pierna