Développement | Eschborn-Frankfurt
01 May 2024

Nicolas Milesi, 7th of Eschborn-Frankfurt U23

Photo : A.Lipke / ARKEA B&B HOTELS

Nicolas Milesi

“I felt very good today, and I knew that I could hope for good things. I followed the riders who had gone out in the bumps with the desire to achieve a good result. There were seven of us in the group. The breakaway which fought for victory, and I knew that the sprint was not my first quality. I tried to do better, I tried but the others caught me. I am satisfied with my condition. and I hope to convert this good form very soon with a victory for the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team.”

Maxime Bouet, Directeur sportif

“The decision was made in the passes which adorned the race. It was a real race by elimination. We had Nicolas Milesi, Louis Rouland and Jean-Loup Fayolle ahead. A shot stands out on the flat. A group of seven runners emerges with Nicolas Milesi in it who ranks in 7th place.


Nicolas Milesi