14 June 2022

Nicolas Edet, 11th at the summit of Mont-Ventoux

“It was a big day in the high mountains on a mythical summit such as Mont Ventoux, with a lot of difference in altitude, heat and the noise of the Cigales. It was my first participation in this event, and it’s quite unusual to have so many climbs on a one-day race, it’s even rare in the professional calendar. I gave the best of myself, the top 10 was within reach but I missed it a bit. That’s my little regret of the day, otherwise I did the climb on my own, managing.”

Arnaud Gérard

“A really difficult race, Nicolas finished 11th. He was overtaken 100 metres from the line to get into the top 10. The objective today was a place between 5 and 10, we are not far from reaching it. Nicolas did a nice climb afterwards, we know that the last kilometres are done meter by meter. For Alessandro it was a discovery for him to ride such a long climb in competition.”