26 September 2021

Nacer Bouhanni: "I wanted to return before the end of the season”

Nacer Bouhanni will make his return to competition in Paris-Chauny a little more than a month after breaking his scapula.


“I didn’t ride for a week because of my fractured scapula, and at the beginning it was difficult. Then I started again on the home-trainer with my arm in a sling, then I started again on the road, at first slowly and without forcing it fifteen days later. My goal was to ride again at the end of the season. Many people told me that it would be difficult to do so, but I did everything I could to be able to put on a bib again in the 2021 season. My comeback will take place at Paris-Chauny. I have been training well for a week. I’m starting to feel good again little by little. I have prepared myself as well as I always do. I am trying to do my best to come back to a good level from the beginning of October. After that, we will see what happens in the races, including this Sunday’s Paris-Chauny”.

Yvon Ledanois, Sport-Director

Le Briéfing

“Nacer is back to racing at Paris-Chauny. He doesn’t have any objective from us on this event. The goal is for him to ride kilometres, to produce efforts in the race, we don’t ask him anything in terms of results to achieve. Afterwards, Nacer remains a sprinter and a champion, and when he starts a race we all know that his state of mind is to give his best. The Arkéa-Samsic team is in a good dynamic which has been solidly established for weeks, we can expect a good performance from the team present in this competition”.