14 August 2021

Nacer Bouhanni: "Always the same desire: to win!”

Mathis Le Berre and Yannis Voisard will make their debut as trainees alongside Nacer Bouhanni on the Grote Prijse Jef Secherens.


“I am approaching the end of the season with the same desire: to win. That is what I am looking for. The opportunities will be there anyway, and I will do everything to seize them, starting with this Belgian mini-campaign that I will start with the Grote Prijs Jef Scherens”.

Roger Tréhin , Sport-Director

The briefing

“The Grote Prijs Jef Scherens will be the opportunity to test two of our three 2021 trainees: Mathis Le Berre and Yannis Voisard. Having them compete in a Belgian event like the Grote Prijs Jef Scherens will be very instructive. We already expect them to learn, to watch and to fit in with our team because our ambitions will be strong, obviously, in this competition with Nacer Bouhanni in our ranks, who is likely to get a very good result”.