29 September 2021

Nacer Bouhanni 6th in the Eurométropole Tour

Nacer Bouhanni, who took the good edge initiated at the end of the second lap, finishes 6th in the sprint of this 2021 edition of the Eurométropole Tour.


Photo GettyImages

Sébastien Hinault, Sport-director

The debrief

“Nacer took the good break that was initiated on the final circuit after the climb of Mont Saint-Aubert. There were thirty riders in front including Nacer and Clément Russo. Other riders managed to bridge up with ten kilometres to go, including Jakobsen. Nacer took turns at the front of the race in order to keep the break alive, he made a lot of effort. He is recovering from his injury and we should not forget that. There was a big fight throughout the race and in the sprint he lacked a bit of energy which is normal considering the fact that he hasn’t raced for a month. It is good that he is already at this level after his second race”.