18 October 2021

Meeting Emmanuel Hubert - Stéphane Clémenceau

Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager of the Arkéa-Samsic team, invited Stéphane Clemenceau, President of Cesson Rennes Métropole, to our racing department.


Stéphane Clémenceau,

President of Cesson Rennes Métropole Handball

This exchange with Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager of Arkéa’s professional cycling teams -Samsic and Arkéa Pro Cycling Team- and part of his marketing team, was very rich. I must admit that I had no idea of the organisation that is put in place with around 90 employees to run such a company! Beyond the fact that I love cycling, I really feel that we have common values. During my visit to the race department of Emmanuel Hubert’s teams, I was able to appreciate the quality of the men and women who work within this fine company for its sporting success”.


Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager

“Meeting and discussing with the top management of professional clubs, particularly in Brittany, is always a very special and enriching moment. Indeed, each discipline, and this is the case when we talk about a team sport like handball, can be a source of inspiration. I was delighted to meet Stéphane Clémenceau, President of Cesson Rennes Métropole, for several hours. He discovered the way a professional cycling team works: the staff around him dedicated to the performance of the riders, whether they are employees of the administrative service or those in the race, and who for both of them are the transmission belts of our training. His team, like ours, is a beacon of Breton sport and of the Rennes agglomeration”.