11 April 2022

Matîs Louvel: "Paris-Camembert is not far from home”

Matîs Louvel will be one of the two Norman riders of the Arkéa-Samsic team – along with Anthony Delaplace- who will take part in the Paris-Camembert classic, a race that always has a suspenseful finale.



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Matîs Louvel



I raced Paris-Camembert in 2020, during my first year in the pros. It’s one of the only professional races in Haute-Normandie, so it’s good to race close to home. It’s a race that I liked, and the style of course corresponds to me quite well. I have always watched the results of Paris-Camembert from afar, because for a norman rider a race on our territory is always a nice competition. This race also generates a kind of suspense, the race scenarios are never the same, the winner can either win solo or win in front of a small group in a sprint. The final is never the same”.

Arnaud Gérard, Sport-director

The briefing

Paris-Camembert is one of the most difficult one-day races on the French calendar, with more than 2800 meters of positive altitude difference. It favours the puncheurs, I think of Élie Gesbert, Matîs Louvel and Anthony Delaplace. It is an open and long race because the riders with the fictive have to ride 220 km during the day. They have to climb twice the côte des Crouttes, and make the final loops with the ascent of the Butte des Fondits which is steep (1,05 km with an average gradient of 9,5%), and which takes a very small route.


Matîs Louvel
Elie Gesbert
Anthony Delaplace
Michel Ries