19 March 2022

Maîts Louvel: "I will discover Cholet Pays-de-la-Loire

Cholet will host the next French road championships this weekend with its traditional Grand-Prix.


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Matîs Louvel



I have recovered well from Paris-Nice. I hope to have good sensations on Cholet Pays-de-la-Loire that I will discover. I should be in good condition normally after having competed in a race like Paris-Nice. My objective will be to get a collective or personal result, depending on the race instructions that will be given to us on race day.

Roger Tréhin, Sport-director

The briefing


“Cholet-Pays-de-la-Loire is a classic race on the French calendar and counts for the French Cup. It is a hilly, tiring race, which uses the roads of the Mauges, and which can end in a massive sprint if a number of sprint teams are present and in control. The weather and especially the wind can also change the situation. The course of this edition of Cholet-Pays de la Loire 2022 will also take in the climb de la Séguinière, which will also be negotiated during the 2023 French road championships.


Alan Riou
Matîs Louvel
Alessandro Verre
Simon Guglielmi