Développement | Tour de Bretagne
01 May 2024

Léandre Lozouet 8th on the cobblestones of Dinan

In the cobbled streets of the medieval city of Dinan, Léandre Lozouet took 8th place in the last stage of the Tour de Bretagne.

Photos: A.Lipke / ARKEA B&B HOTELS

Léandre Lozouet

“It was a bit like the week: we were strong but we missed the finish. It’s a shame. I made the effort on the last climb, the Visma Lease a Bike helped me overwhelmed and I couldn’t recover to follow them. I think I had the legs to win today, or at least to be among the best. It has to be educational for the future.

Léonard Cosnier, Directeur sportif

“We had bet on a waiting race on the line part by putting Rémi Lelandais to ride so that the breakaway does not take off and then bet on the trio Baptiste Gillet, Florian Dauphin, Léandre Lozouet. The plan was went perfectly until the last lap. We had counted on Florian at the start. Unfortunately, Léandre was very strong. last two stages. We have to keep our heads high. We are progressing physically and tactically. There were a lot of good things during this week, I remember the behavior, in strategic places we remained present. time, progress continues. I am counting on our next races to reach a new level and achieve this first victory for the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS Développement team.”


Léandre Lozouet