06 October 2021

Laurent Pichon: "Paris-Bourges, a scenario for sprinters”

A historic event on the French calendar, Paris-Bourges is presented by Laurent Pichon.



“Paris-Bourges is a race with several climbs in the final and often until thirty kilometres from the finish, the race profile is even more hilly and it becomes more decisive with small groups trying to get out and the peloton holding the bar to try to favour a bunch sprint finish. And frequently this last scenario is the one that is written on this race. Once I was 8th, and on another occasion I was also in the front, but there was a big storm that day and I fell in the last corner. This year, our card for the sprint will probably be Dan McLay, who has a good speed, and we also have in our team some riders who are in good shape and who can be opportunistic in the final, like Alan Riou. So we have all the possible assets to respond to the different scenarios that can animate Paris-Bourges ».