03 October 2021

Kévin Ledanois: "The Coppa Bernocchi requires mental strength”

Kévin Ledanois will compete tomorrow in the Coppa Bernocchi, one of the many semi-classics that mark the end of the season in the Italian calendar.


“Most of the Italian semi-classics that precede the Giro di Lombardia, except for the Gran Piemonte, are all hard races. So you have to be ready both physically and mentally, because they are hard fought and the pace is high. The courses offered are mostly hilly, sometimes even more than difficult in terms of the percentage of slopes to climb. They are beautiful events at the end of the season, but you have to want to race them, otherwise it’s not worth it. There are riders who have just finished the world championships, others who have not raced too much, some who are looking for contracts for the next season and who have the knife between their teeth to show that they still have a place in the peloton. There is a lot of difference in level, and a lot of disparity between the teams. The weather is going to be difficult with rain, but these are nice races. On Bernocchi, if I have good sensations, I should be able to pass the circuit quite well, and then for the finish, we will see if I can play my card in the sprint or if we favour the chances of another rider. On Friday, with the rain that poured down on the Route Adélie, I wasn’t necessarily at my best, so we’ll see…”.

Roger Tréhin, Sport-director

The Briefing                                                                                                                           

“The Coppa Bernocchi is a little bit “softer” than the Giro d’Emilia. But there is no doubt that it will be a hard-fought and fast-paced race because once again the field is strong. On paper, it is a competition that is more for the puncher-sprinter. We have riders of this quality in the team, like for example Romain Hardy or Kévin Ledanois, without forgetting Nairo who has shown in recent races his ability to compete with the puncheurs, whether it was during the Besançon, Jura, Doubs classics or during the Tour of Luxembourg”.