17 December 2021

Gwenaëlle Levêque: "Shared values"

Gwenaëlle Levêque, Director of the Domaine de Cicé-Blossac, talks about the relationship that has existed for years between her establishment and the Arkéa-Samsic and Arkéa Pro Cycling Team, and in particular the shared values.


The Cicé-Blossac estate, with its unspoilt environment, has been a place of life and meeting place for the Arkéa-Samsic and Arkéa Pro Cycling Teams for several seasons. It is a real haven of peace that allows our two teams to build up their season’s beginnings each year in serenity, comfort and kindness on the part of all the people working on the estate. The values of Arkéa-Samsic and Arkéa Pro Cycling Team are shared and identical to those of the Domaine de Cicé-Blossac,” says Gwenaëlle Levêque, director of Domaine de Cicé-Blossac. A form of complicity and attachment to the two teams has developed over time. Cycling conveys principles of team sport that are the same as those of work in the restaurant and hotel industry. I like the comparison between the world of sport and the world of business through a discipline such as cycling. A rider, even if he needs his teammates, is often alone in the key moments of the competition, whereas in team sports, the athlete who is less well in a match can rely on his teammates in case of a drop in form. This is not the case in cycling. Man is faced with his machine and his performance. The human adventure is essential for us, as it is for the Arkéa-Samsic and Arkéa Pro Cycling Teams, and here again, it is a value that we promote within the Domaine de Cicé-Blossac. Between us and Emmanuel Hubert’s teams, everything is simple, fluid and a win-win situation for everyone. I also appreciate Emmanuel’s human qualities, his simplicity and all his teams. Their simplicity too”. Emmanuel Hubert, General Manager of the Arkéa-Samsic and Arkéa Pro Cycling Teams, echoed these words: “The setting and the quality of Gwenaelle’s welcome mean that the Domaine de Cice-Blossac has become our teams’ back-up base for preparing our seasons. It’s always nice to be in this natural, cosy space, with a staff that takes care of each of us”.