World Team | Région Pays de la Loire Tour
04 April 2024

Ewen Costiou retains his yellow jersey before the last stage

After the 3rd stage of the Région Pays de la Loire Tour, Ewen Costiou leads the overall classification by 1” over his runner-up, Marijn Van Den Berg.

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Ewen Costiou

“I’m keeping the jersey for a second, and it’s good to keep it. I enjoyed it throughout the stage and it was a real pleasure. Friday’s final stage of the Région Pays de la Loire Tour won’t be anything like today, given the profile of the stage. It’ll be the legs that do the talking. Gazonfier is really the queen stage of this competition, and it’s going to come down to freshness. My team-mates from the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team really protected and supported me today. I’d like to thank them.”

Roger Tréhin, sports director

“It was an expected scenario with a sprint finish. After three stages out of four, Ewen remains the race leader. The scenario remains the same for this final stage of the Région Pays de la Loire Tour: we’re going to have to eliminate the sprinters in Gazonfier. The whole ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team did a good job, especially Alan Riou and Kévin Ledanois. We’ve managed to preserve our strength as much as possible, because as we might have expected, everything will come down to the final stage on Friday”.


Ewen Costiou