03 February 2022

Etoile de Bessèges (stage 1): Hugo Hofstetter 2nd

For his second day of competition in the Arkea-Samsic jersey, Hugo Hofstetter took 2nd place in the first stage of the Etoile de Bessèges.

Photos Getty Images / Fred Machabert

“I race to win but on this finish, I am in my place. Pedersen was stronger than me. When he went on the offensive, I was in his wheel, and I can’t go. I was at my best. I want to give credit to the team, we were four in front in the first curb. With four riders (Matis Louvel, Connor Swift and Clément Russo were also there), we were one of the best represented teams. It’s a continuation of the great momentum that has been building since the beginning of the season.”

Yvon Caër

YVON CAËR (Sports Director): “A difficult first stage, nervous as we could expect. We knew the strategic places where it could be difficult, everyone knew that. So we had to be solid, thanks to the maturity of the Arkea-Samsic team, but also with riders who have both the profile and the size to express themselves in these windy races. We managed to put four riders in the first peloton. The victory? We are still hoping for it, of course, but we can’t have any regrets. Pedersen was very strong. Hugo did his best. Mention to all the riders, and especially Clement Russo who pilots his teammates perfectly in this kind of race situation.”