01 January 2022

Emmanuel Hubert: "I wish you a happy new year”

General Manager of our men and women structures, Emmanuel Hubert sends you his best wishes for 2022.

“Through this message, I wish you and your family a happy new year 2022. I am addressing myself to cycling fans in general, and more particularly to our strong and beautiful community of supporters who are increasingly supporting the Arkéa-Samsic and Arkéa Pro Cycling Team. The upcoming season will be important and our ambitions will be strong and high.

These are objectives shared by the riders, by all the staff of our two structures, and also by all our partners.

I would like once again to salute their commitment to us.

Over the years, they have all become more than “sponsors” in my eyes. For me, they are full members of the “Arkéa-Samsic” and “Arkéa Pro Cycling Team” family.  I share with them the same values, the same desire to succeed, and consequently the desire common to all company directors, which is to continue to make their company prosper in order to take it ever higher.

The past year was still marked by Covid, but we were able to get our Keveler evenings back on track and, above all, to end the season in a magnificent way, in terms of sharing with our fans and partners on the occasion of our “supporters’ day”, animated by our traditional walks and, for the first time, the setting up of a Fan Zone which is entirely free and open to all. Our teams are more than ever your teams. It is this closeness to you, the public and our partners, which is our strength, all woven around a region that is dear to us: Brittany, without however losing sight of the national, or even international, craze now generated by our two sports groups, men and women. In this respect, as parity has always been my credo, I hope that the female riders of the Arkéa Pro Cycling Team will be able to discover the “Women’s Tour” this year, an event that will, I am more than certain, bring them into the greater media sphere that they so richly deserve.

Happiness, success, health, above all, are the wishes I have for you. See you soon on the road.

Emmanuel Hubert,

General Manager of Arkéa-Samsic and Arkéa Pro Cycling Team