26 June 2021

Élie Gesbert: "6th, I would have signed up for such a performance"

Élie Gesbert has moved up two places in the general classification of the Route d’Occitanie. He is now sixth, after having finished 9th of the final stage.

The stage started very fast, it was hard, especially as the breakaway took a long time to emerge. Movistar wasn’t necessarily interested in winning this last stage, so the riders in front were able to arrive at the foot of the last climb with enough time to fight for the victory. I concentrated on the general classification. My objective was to make the best possible climb. I managed to limit the damage. 6th in the general classification of this Route d’Occitanie I would have signed for such a position from the start. The feeling at the start of this race was not great, it’s good to have a good pedal stroke. Even if my bronchial tubes are still a bit limited, I feel that it is getting better“. 
Roger Tréhin, Directeur-sportif
« Big heat between 37 and 38° on the last stage of the Route d’Occitanie-La Dépêche du Midi which offered a difficult course. The final climb of four kilometres with a final of thirteen percent was tough. Élie signs a good end of the race with an ascending form, he arrives today with the leaders for the 4th place. He is progressing, that’s good. Kévin Ledanois was the initiator of the breakaway, but he went off the road, otherwise there were ways to accompany the riders who were with him. I would also like to pay tribute to the work done by the whole team for Élie, who has been able to federate around him over the days thanks to his performances”.