27 February 2022

Drôme Classic : Warren Barguil 9th

Warren Barguil took 9th place in the Drôme Classic.


Photos Fred Machabert

“I recovered well from yesterday’s efforts and I had good feelings. At the foot of Allex, I am well placed but still too far. It was going up very fast in front and I couldn’t get back. I missed the opportunity. At the beginning of the season, I’m always a bit sluggish and I hope the condition will improve in the next races.”

Roger Trehin

“Warren showed that he was one of the strong men of the day. A placement mistake at the foot of the côte d’Allex certainly deprived him of a podium that was within his reach.  There was room to do better today, it’s a bit frustrating but I remember that Warren’s physical condition is improving every weekend and that’s encouraging for the future.”