06 June 2022

Critérium du Dauphiné (stage 2) : Anthony Delaplace 5th

On a very hilly course between Saint-Peray and Brives-Charensac, the Norman took 5th place.

“It was a difficult stage where we were always in the lead. With six riders in front, the relays came back often. I wasn’t having a great day and at this level, that’s not forgivable. When we went over the last hill with a 40″ lead, I thought that it would be possible to win. I tried at 600 meters, but unfortunately they didn’t look at each other like at
Paris-Camembert! I have no regrets.”

Arnaud Gérard

“We wanted to be present up front and Anthony fulfilled that mission. We wanted to win but we knew it would be difficult against riders like Alexis Vuillermoz. We answered present, Matîs finishes at the 11th place today we have nothing to be ashamed of. Tomorrow is another day with a bumpy finish where the players in the general classification should express themselves.”