16 October 2021

Connor Swift: "We're national champions for life”

Connor Swift and Dan McLay will compete in the 2021 British Road Championships in Lincoln tomorrow.


“To have been crowned British Road Champion is a dream come true in a way, and then a real honour to wear my country’s flag on my jersey for a whole season. It’s something that’s special in cycling because national champions wear the colours of their countries, and we are recognised in the peloton by the fans who are always looking for that kind of jersey. You are in fact a champion of your country for life because once you lose that jersey, on the sleeves of your jersey you wear piping to remind you of that success. It’s always a special day, the day of a championship, you always want to have a good chance, you believe like all the other riders involved, and even more than in another competition, in your star. You are in a way entering your country’s cycling, and this success is a mixture of honour and privilege. My wish is of course to win it again.

Yvon Caër, Sport-Director

The briefing

“We’re going to try and bring the jersey back, Connor has raced in Lincoln before, he feels the circuit suits him. The same goes for Dan in case of a mass finish. We will have two opportunities in two different registers, and our ambition is to bring the British champion’s jersey back to the team.