World Team | Grand Prix du Morbihan
05 May 2024

Clément Venturini and Vincenzo Albanese in the top 10

After 14 climbs of the Cadoudal coast, Clément Venturini and Vincenzo Albanese were ranked 4th and 7th respectively in the Grand Prix du Morbihan.

Photo: M.Hinault / ARKEA B&B HOTELS

Clément Venturini

“There was little movement in this edition of the Grand Prix du Morbihan, with only a few breakaways today. The race was very controlled by many teams, the pace accelerated in the last laps and I preferred to follow the movements so as not to get trapped As a result, I lacked a little at the end to move from the shadows to the light against excellent runners. Obviously, I had great ambitions today. , it is therefore the disappointment which prevails with this 4th place at the foot of the podium in a race which makes me dream. But tomorrow is another day and I nevertheless remain motivated for the next events.”

Roger Tréhin, Directeur sportif

“We had assets in the final, with Clément Venturini and Vincenzo Albanese who were there to play for victory. We only lacked a little “manpower” in the final even if Embret and Martin did the job that we expected of them The final explanation between the big punchers of the peloton took place in the last 3 laps We hoped for better, obviously, but what we must remember above all is that we have two riders. among the first seven in a race that was already difficult due to its layout and which was even more difficult due to the bad weather conditions which prevailed throughout almost the entire event.”


Clément Venturini