World Team | Tour de Romandie
28 April 2024

Clément Venturini, 7th in the last stage

Clément Venturini took 7th place in the last stage of the Tour de Romandie. Cristián Rodríguez finished 12th in the general classification.

Photos: Getty Images

Clément Venturini

“The weather was difficult on this last stage. The race was fast. For the ARKEA – B&B HOTELS team, there was a double challenge with Cristián in the general and me on the stage. We were focused all day. In the end, I tried to position myself well. Thibault Guernalec helped me a lot. I had spotted the finish and, for me, it was necessary to be among the first. At the 300m, I come out in front and start the sprint. Behind it came again and I collapsed in the last 100 meters. I’m getting closer and closer to victory. The first day, in Fribourg, I was frustrated not to be able to sprint (8th). I didn’t want to find myself in the same situation. I tried. I must have no regrets.”

Yvon Ledanois, Directeur sportif

“I am satisfied with the work of the ARKEA – B&B HOTELS team which was involved in this last stage of the Tour de Romandie. Given the weather conditions, I told the runners that it would be a mental stage and that it would be very difficult. The riders did a lot of work around Cristián Rodríguez and Clément Venturini. Clément tried in the finale. It could have worked. It is by doing this that we will win races and not by following. I prefer that we be actors than spectators and, today, we weighed in on the race. It is the most important. Hats off to the entire ARKEA – B&B HOTELS team for the work of the week. Clément must continue with this state of mind because it will pay off. This week, Cristián respected the instructions. This place in the general (12th) is important for us and I would have signed at the start for this final ranking.”


Clément Venturini