12 February 2022

Classica Murcia : Matîs Louvel 3rd

Matîs Louvel

On the line



“The race started quietly, I tried to get into the shots at the start but there were no groups forming. The rhythm intensified during the longest climb of the day, at the end it was very strong. I was in the first group, I had a good feeling. We were then four in the lead at the bottom of the descent, and Warren did the end of the descent in a big way, and he escaped with Politt and Mc Nulty among others. There was a good fight to follow on the last climber, I did the whole climb at my own pace, without panicking. I came back afterwards. Warren and Thibault rode to reduce the gap and come back on McNulty, but then we were countered by Covi. I knew the strong riders for the sprint. I pointed at Trentin because I knew he was strong, I also waited to make my effort because of the headwind. I tried to break away at the end, but I was a little bit far to be able to pass him. I am satisfied with my race and I thank my team-mates for the work they did for me”.


“I made the end of the descent and we went out with four riders, but it was complicated because the wind was blowing from the front on the big roads. I think that on smaller roads we could have won. McNulty attacked very hard on the last climb of the day, I decided to ride at my own pace at that point. He took twenty seconds, and then I waited for the group with Thibault and we joined forces to make the junction so that Matîs could compete in the sprint. My goal was to come back for the win and so that Matîs could do the sprint. The team is well united and I think it is good to show the young riders that a leader can sacrifice himself for them and when my turn comes I know he will do it 100%. It’s important for me to show us this beautiful solidarity towards each other.

Arnaud Gérard, Sport-Director



“We raced well, but afterwards we were beaten by stronger riders than us. The only disappointment was not to win the final sprint, but afterwards the team largely held its own. We are in a good dynamic since the beginning of the season, we continue on our way. Matîs finished 3rd, but what I want to remember is that his result is that of the team. Warren brought his stone to the building, Thibault did the same. We are going to get this result with an individual, Matîs, but it is a question of congratulating the whole group present here “.


Matîs Louvel