16 April 2022

Classic Grand Besançon, Élie Gesbert 5th

Élie Gesbert took the 5th place in the Classic Grand Besançon-Doubs, whose finish was judged at the top of the Malate.


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Elie Gesbert

On the line


I was sick after the Tour of Catalunya, and on this Classic Besançon-Doubs, I was still a little bit in the unknown regarding the long efforts of more than fifteen minutes. So it is encouraging to make a top 5 on such a hard finish as the Malate, maybe I could have been on the podium, but not the victory. I was a bit over-revved on the last climb of the day. The main thing is that my bronchial tubes are getting better and better. It feels good. Today’s result is encouraging for the future“.

Roger Tréhin, Sport-director

The debrief

“Elijah finished 5th at the top of the Malate, we decided to play his card in case of a small committee finish at the top of this difficulty. The other objective was to go on the offensive in order to anticipate if possible, but this was not the case, as it was very hard in the final. However, we thought that Maxime would go a bit further, but he was still a good support among the 25 riders in the final, along with Anthony and Simon. The satisfaction is the good behaviour of Elijah, he went up a notch, and we hope that he will continue his progression on the next races. I would also like to underline the good behaviour of the whole team involved in this Classic Grand Besançon-Doubs”.


Elie Gesbert