24 May 2022

Circuit de Wallonie: a first time for Anthony Delaplace

The Circuit de Wallonie, which takes place partly in the foothills of the Walloon Ardennes, can be a race of movement or ends in a bunch sprint.

Anthony Delaplace

“I will discover the Circuit de Wallonie. I have started to look at the route proposed by the organisers. It is a race that ends generally in a sprint in small groups, wearing out the organisms. It can therefore also generate movement, which is what I like. I will try, if an opportunity occurs, afterwards if it is a sprint scenario I will be at the service of the fastest of us. I raced the two Breton classics this weekend, I was still a bit tired from the training camp in Corsica. The sensations were good, but I lacked a bit of freshness.One thing is certain, I had to go through this training camp, climb some passes in order to be ready for the second part of the season”.

Yvon Ledanois, sport director

“The Circuit de Wallonie is not easy on paper, but our objective will be to continue in the same way as the team has done since the beginning of the season: to stay in the winning dynamic, and at least to get a good result. We are also at a stage of the year where it is important that some riders raise their hands and take responsibility, especially when they have to do so. Wallonie is a race with a succession of climbs and descents, it is far from being flat. We can expect movement, and it is up to us to contribute to this race design by being vigilant, actors and not spectators, so be careful not to get trapped.”


Anthony Delaplace
Thibault Guernalec
Donavan Grondin