27 August 2021

Christophe Noppe: "The course of the Brussels Cycling Classic has changed”

The Brussels Cycling Classic has been modified with the introduction of the Mur de Grammont and the Bosberg.



“The Brussels Cycling Classic has had a makeover as far as the course is concerned, as we are going to the Flemish Ardennes with two climbs of the Mur de Grammont and the Bosberg, so there could be a race of movement and nothing says that it will be a good year for the pure sprinters. Everything will depend on how the race looks like after the passage in the mountains, because after that, there is still about an hour of racing on rather flat roads. A small group can fight for the victory. It will be harder and more selective in my opinion than the previous editions. I feel good at the moment, and my wish is to try to go to the front, if a group emerges, and in case of a massive finish we can play the Bram card. If there is action in the difficult parts of the race, I hope to be in front like in the grape race this week”.