26 August 2021

Bram Welten, 5th in the Druivenkoers-Overijse

Bram Welten sprinted to 5th place in the Druivenkoers-Overijse, a race that was partly held on the roads of the next world road race.

On the line

“The Druivenkoers-Overijse is not a competition that fits my profile on paper, but as I feel good at the moment, I tried. We were three protected riders at the start: Christophe, Matîs and me. Dayer, Lukasz and Mathis Le Berre did a great job protecting us. The race was interrupted at one point, even neutralised because of a car that caught fire. There was a difficult loop in the final, we went out with twelve riders, the peloton exploded at that moment. We arrived at the sprint for 4th place, I finished 5th behind Asgreen. This race was also partly on the roads of the next World Road Championships and it will obviously be a classics rider who will be crowned World Champion in 2021”.

Yvon Caër, Sport-Director

The debrief

“Deceuninck Quick-Step was the scarecrow team in this race, we knew that it would be hard against them, because they were really the favourite team. They win with Evenepoel, but when they come out strong in the final, we have two riders in the group that get away: Christophe and Bram. Matîs was in front before, but afterwards a car caught fire, the race was neutralised, and that cut his legs. Christophe attacked at the 600m mark to try and make it four, but he was caught by Alaphilippe who brought the whole group back together. Bram finishes 5th in the sprint. I am also satisfied with the performance of Mathis Le Berre, he protected his mates in an authoritative way and all the mates were satisfied with his work. Well done to him”.