08 October 2021

Benjamin Declercq: "I'm getting better and better”

Benjamin Declercq is an important part of our team and he will certainly be at its service tomorrow on the roads of the Tour de Vendée.



“I’m going to discover the Tour de Vendée, but I think that the course doesn’t offer too many changes in altitude, but that it can be exposed to the wind, which means that there is the possibility of a few bumps. I feel that I am progressing race after race at the end of the season, and that my physical condition is increasing, which gives me confidence. I can see that I can regain the form I had before my injury, and that I am regaining all my strength in my left leg. So it’s good for my morale. I’m going to be at the service of the team, as always, and tomorrow I’ll play the role that will be asked of me in the briefing for this Tour de Vendée 2021.

Roger Tréhin, Sport-Director

The briefing


“The Tour de Vendée is a race that often marks the end of the year of the French Cup, it is a fairly flat competition even if there is the Mont des Alouettes on the route, the ingredient that can add a little difficulty to this race is the wind with edge formations. The scenarios can go from a sprint finish, or in small groups, the fatigue that is felt at the end of the season within the peloton explains these different possibilities to go hunting for the victory”.