12 April 2022

Anthony Delaplace wins Paris-Camembert

11 years after La Polynormande, the 33 years old rider from Normandy wins his second pro win.

Anthony Delaplace

“I tend to be too generous in my efforts. In the last twenty kilometers, Arnaud Gérard told me “keep energy, be smart, don’t overdo it”. For once I listened to him and this good effort management is what may have helped me win today. When Valentin Ferron came out of the group, he made the gap immediately and then we took relay. I did manage my effort. We came back on him and everyone wanted to take some rest. That’s when I made the right attack. Usually that never happens to me, but there they were looking at each other behind.
Everything is going well for our Arkéa Samsic team this year. My role all year is to be a domestique and today I had my chance on Paris-Camembert. I really wanted to do well in this race. It was my 13th participation in Paris-Camembert. I haven’t missed any edition since I’ve been a pro. It’s really a pleasure to win in my home region. I finished second in 2016. This is the race in Normandy that I still had to win. Now I have a little problem: I once joked that if I win Paris-Camembert, I’ll stop my career. But frankly I don’t want to stop! (laughs)”.

Arnaud Gérard - Sports director

“I wanted the guys to go for the win. We assumed our status and everyone responded to the mission that had been assigned to them. We were able to take advantage of outnumbering our opponents with Anthony first, then Laurent Pichon and Anthony again in the final kilometers. When he breaks away from the peloton with four other riders, it’s a good move. I reminded him at that moment: “victory as a target”. Anthony wasn’t the fastest in the sprint of the five in front but he played it beautifully.
Matîs Louvel finished sixth. He is in good shape and confirms his top 20 in Flanders campaign. He is on the verge of winning another great race, and Élie Gesbert is back in good form. This is a good omen for him before the Classic Grand Besançon-Doubs and the Tour du Jura this weekend.”