09 October 2021

Amaury Capiot: "I have a good feeling with Paris-Tours”

Already once 5th in the last French classic on the calendar, Amaury Capiot says he has a “good feeling” with the French version of the race of the fallen leaves.


“I really like the layout of Paris-Tours, and I always had a good feeling with this classic. I am very happy to participate in the 2021 edition. Before, Paris-Tours was considered as the queen race for the sprinters, but with the roads introduced at the end of the course, it has become more difficult for them to go for the victory, not to mention that there is always this final part with small asphalt bumps. This new Paris-Tours offers me more possibilities to perform than when it was only a race for sprinters.  I’ve already ridden this classic with the addition of paths, twice. There is more slippage on these gravelled sections because they are strewn with small gravels. It requires a fine steering when you are in these places”.

Arnaud Gérard, Sport-Director

The briefing

“The introduction of nine roads from kilometre 160 onwards makes the last fifty kilometres more intense. It breaks the dynamics of this classic, which used to be a sprinters’ race. From now on, the end of the race will take these roads that are not very wide and favour movement and attacks. This classic is now more open, but if a team wants to control the race, which is still very complicated, the possibility of a sprint is not totally excluded. But generally the teams involved in this “new formula” Paris-Tours try to place elements in the breakaway attempts in order to avoid riding. The final has also changed with new bumps, we arrive on the other side of Tours, climbing Rochecorbon, which runs along the Loire, the Bonne dame and we still arrive on avenue de Grammont”.