18 January 2024

The European class income of the WorldTour team

For the sprinters and puncheurs, the first two races of the season in Europe will be held in Spain, with the 1969 Clàssica Communitat Valenciana and the Gran Premio Castellón.

Luca Mozzato

“I think it’s interesting to start the season quickly, it’s the desire of the whole team. It’s good to accumulate kilometers very quickly in competition, because we often say that the “best training is running”. We will inevitably have strange sensations, it is often a shock to the body. But it will be a good investment for the rest of the season. However, even if the Clàsica Communitat Valenciana 1969 is the first race of the year in Europe, we will go to this event with desire and the intention to do our best. When we are a competitor, our desire is always to shine. It’s a race in which the sprinters must pass the first bumps to hope to win.”

Mathis Le Berre

“The Gran Premio Castellón course is quite hilly overall, and there is a large bump at the end located ten kilometers from the finish. This could be a strategic place that will eliminate a lot of sprinters, if it climbs quickly enough. I trained well this winter, and I’m looking forward to putting a bib on my new ARKEA-B&B HOTELS jersey. I can’t wait for my 2024 season to start”

Arnaud Gérard

“On paper, the two opening races in Spain present two different profiles: the first is more geared towards sprinters, while the second may be more suitable for puncheurs with speed. We’ve built the team around these two parameters. The roads used for these two competitions are familiar to the riders, as they were the ones they rode on in training during the month of January. The sprinters will just have to be careful on the difficult first few kilometres of the Gran Premio Castellón”.


Jenthe Biermans
Martin Tjøtta
Łukasz Owsian
Alan Riou
Luca Mozzato
Mathis Le Berre
Amaury Capiot
Giosuè Epis
Embret Svestad-Bårdseng