17 September 2022

Skoda Tour Luxembourg : Kévin Vauquelin 2nd overall

At the end of a hilly course, Kévin Vauquelin took 3rd place in the last stage of the Tour of Luxembourg, thus securing 2nd place in the final overall classification of the event.

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Kévin Vauquelin

“The final circuit did not encourage too much movement and the race scenario suited the leader’s formation. On the last lap, Michel and Maxime did a good job to place me. Max put me in the best position at the foot of the last climb just before Madouas launched his attack, I knew that he was the one to follow. We had a good match with Skjelmose. This second place in the general classification is more than satisfactory. From a collective point of view, we put in a good performance and scored some important points. Personally, I feel that I am getting better at managing stage races as the weeks go by. The team offers me the chance to be a leader, to have great team-mates around me and that gives me a lot of confidence for a first year as a professional.”

Roger Tréhin, sport director

“It was a good week for us in Luxembourg. Today, we decided to bet on the last lap to try to gain a position in the general classification. All day long, the guys put Kevin in the best position to reassure him, protect him and position him well at the foot of the last climb. This 2nd place in the final general classification is the result of the good work of the whole team and allows us to gain precious UCI points for the end of the season.”


Kévin Vauquelin