11 February 2023

Simon Guglielmi: "Jaèn Parisio Interior is made with wear and tear"

Designed in the heart of the olive groves, where it follows the agricultural paths, the Jaen Parisio Interior is an event that gives pride of place to the dirt roads.


“I raced last year in the Jaèn Interior Paraiso. It is a race that will be held for the second time this year among professionals. It’s a beautiful race that takes place on the olive tree paths in the region of Jaèn. I really enjoyed this race in 2022, because it was very hard, with a lot of difference in altitude. The course has evolved this year. It is a little bit easier, if I can express myself like that, but we can see that there is a lot of attraction for this race, because there is a nice start-list announced at the start. I also want to do a good performance like last year in this race. So this will be a good indicator for me in view of the “white roads” that will await us a few weeks later in Italy”.

Simon Guglielmi

“I love races that use paths. My favourite race is Strade Bianche, so Jaèn Interior Paraiso is close to it. It’s a mix of paths, tarmac roads and placement plays an important role in tackling these key areas of the race. I love competitions like this. Alan Riou did a great job before the first road, in 2022, by placing us ideally. We were three up front, and in the final with Warren we came in for 6th place. It was the first time I raced with Warren, in 2022, and we were both in the final. The bumps in Jaèn Paraiso Intérior are long, it attacks from afar, the race starts early. It’s all about wear and tear, and that’s what I like.

Arnaud Gérard, Sport-director

The briefing

“Jaèn Paraiso Interior is an event that has found its place on the professional calendar in the space of two seasons now. It is a competition that is a mix between paths and asphalt portions. The course has been made a little less difficult by the organisers than the one proposed in 2022. However, there are some additional roads. There will be 50 kilometres for 180 kilometres of race, with a total difference in altitude of 2600 metres. This is not neutral. Matîs Louvel, Clément Champoussin, Warren Barguil and Simon Guglielmi can be our best cards to get a good result at the finish”.