14 August 2022

Arctic Race: Kévin Vauquelin 6th overall

The scenario of the last stage completely changed the general classification. Kévin Vauquelin finishes 6th overall in the Arctic Race of Norway.

Credits: Getty Images

Kévin Vauquelin

“What a last stage… The race got out of control on the final circuit. I found myself at a disadvantage at times. In the yellow jersey group, it was difficult to ride and the general classification was decided on a tactical move. It’s disappointing to finish this race like this, especially after all the good work the guys did during four days. Nevertheless, 6th in the Arctic Race, for my first year as a pro, is still a good performance and I have to use this experience to enrich myself.”

Yvon Caër, sport director

“It’s obviously a bit of a disappointment when, on the last day, you go from 2nd to 6th place overall. When the race starts with Houle, Kévin finds himself locked in when he was perhaps able to follow him. Nevertheless, he has the privilege to experience such situations in his first year as a professional. At the start of the stage he was in the battle for the overall victory with riders who are used to shine at WorldTour level. We have to use these moments to allow him to progress.”