World Team | Circuit Franco-Belge
30 May 2024

Vincenzo Albanese, 6th in the Franco-Belgian circuit

The Franco-Belgian circuit took place between Tournai and Mont de l’Enclus. An eventful race where Vincenzo Albanese took 6th place.


Photos : Getty Images

Vincenzo Albanese

“This Franco-Belgian Circuit was very rhythmic. There were a lot of movements throughout the event. We ran as a team with all the riders from the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team grouped together within the peloton. I would like to to thank my teammates for the work done, they ideally protected me and positioned me throughout the race. I finished 6th at the top of Mont de l’Enclus at the end of a sprint which was launched from very, very far away.

Roger Tréhin, Directeur sportif

The race was eventful, and we opted for a sprint protecting Vincenzo Albanese, Florian Sénéchal and Amaury Capiot. Everything was decided by pedaling on the last climb, so there are no regrets to have. Vincenzo finally finished 6th, launched by Florian Sénéchal and Amaury. I saw good teamwork from the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team, in particular from Florian Dauphin and Matis Louvel who did good things in favor of their sprinters during the last lap.