02 March 2022

Troféo Laigueglia, Lukasz Owsian 16th

Lukasz Owsian was part of the breakaway that later on went on to win the race and finished 16th, two places ahead of Maxime Bouet.


Photo Getty Images

Roger Tréhin, Sport-Director

The debrief


“On such a demanding race with a very big field, you don’t want to have an “off” day, unfortunately Elie wasn’t having a good day today. He was not at his usual level. Lukasz managed to get into the good breakaway, and he finally finished 16th, Maxime Bouet was 18th. The big breakaway came out on the last big descent, and afterwards, once we arrived on the circuit, it was the legs that did the talking because the final of this competition is so difficult”.