World Team | Dwars Door Het Hageland
07 June 2024

The resumption of competitions for Jenthe Biermans

Jenthe Biermans, who was forced to abandon the Giro following a fall, will resume this Saturday at Dwars Door Het Hageland.

Photo : Getty Images

Jenthe Biermans

“I carried out the reconnaissance of Dwars Door Het Hageland, in the company of Amaury Capiot. This semi-classic will be my resumption after the Giro d’Italia which I had to leave following a fall. It’s thirty kilometers from my home, the race takes my training routes. This is a difficult test which gives pride of place to paths, with cobblestones. We will have a great ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team departing from Dwars Door Het Hageland. For my part, I am very motivated by the idea of ​​putting a bib back on my jersey. I feel good in training. I am ready to return to competition. The race will allow me to take stock in a real situation, I can’t wait. We will have a strong ARKEA-B&B HOTELS collective, capable of achieving a good result.”

Laurent Pichon, Directeur sportif

“Dwars Door Het Hageland follows forty-six kilometers of paths, with the added bonus of paved areas. It’s a bit like a Belgian “Tro Bro Leon”, even if the paths are not at all similar, it will be rather rolling, and as it is quite slippery, you need a certain technique on the bike to tackle them well. . Amaury Capiot and Jenthe Biermans will play “at home”, Matîs Louvel is also returning to form, as he demonstrated in his last competitive outings. We are also expecting a good “rebound” from Alan Riou and Donavan Grondin who are coming out of the Giro, and will resume on Dwars Door Het Hageland. Without forgetting Luca Mozzato who has an appetite for Belgium, and Pierre Thierry who has always been there when he races in the World Tour. We can have great ambitions for this event with riders who all have a “classic” profile.”