25 January 2022

Roger Tréhin: "Perform immediately”

Three of our new recruits will be racing for the first time in the Trofeo Majorca: Hugo Hosftetter, Nicolas Edet and Simon Guglielmi


Pre-race briefing

Hugo Hofstetter


“I started my pro career in Mallorca, and for the record, I finished 11th that day. It was André Greipel who won! I went back there last year and it was André again who won. So we can say that Majorca is a race that leaves me with excellent memories. It will also be my first competition of the season with the Arkéa-Samsic jersey, a race that is run on the “map”, without an overall classification on time. I know that the profile of the final “stage” suits me well, so I’ll be keen to perform well in the Trofeo Playa de Palma, in order to give back to the Arkéa-Samsic team what it has given me since my arrival this winter. After that, it’s still the first race of the year with its share of uncertainty, but launching my season there is ideal in my eyes to be able to build up to the races in March. It will be my first race in 2022 but I am driven by a strong desire to perform, to do well, and if this possibility is offered to me at the beginning of the season, all the better”.


Nicolas Édet


“The Trofeo Mallorca I have already competed several times, and some of the race courses are climber-puncturers. It is already a very demanding race. It will be my comeback race after a long inactivity due to my injury on the Giro 2021, my objective there will be twofold: to take my marks with the Arkéa-Samsic team in competition, and simply to get back to my bearings in the race. I will be working with the leaders, the men in form on this Trofeo de Mallorca. I know that I am in good physical condition after the January training session in Altéa with the team, so my wish is to have fun on the bike in competition from the first race of the year, and to start the season well with my new team. I am now used to wearing this beautiful Arkéa-Samsic jersey in training, now it’s time for the races. I quickly got into the skin of a team rider, and I’m now looking forward to blending in with the team during the competitions”.


Simon Guglielmi


“The Trofeo Majorca will be a double first for me: it will be my first participation in this event and my first race with the Arkéa-Samsic jersey. The courses are both mountainous but also sometimes offer the possibility of a sprint in small groups, which inevitably opens up possibilities for the group of riders that will be involved. In any case, I am fully motivated to start a new chapter in my sporting career under this great Arkéa-Samsic jersey, and I am really looking forward to the season”.

Roger Tréhin, Sport-Director

The briefing


 “Four of the five stages of the Trofeo de Mallorca are hilly, which is within the capabilities of our riders in this race, the last one in Palma can end in a sprint even if it is difficult. The goal will be to perform well and to be among the best in each of the races, because they are class 1 events and therefore this race already gives a lot of UCI points.


The number




Last year Winner Anacona won the Mirado del Colomer in the Trofeo Andratx.


The news


Warren Barguil will ride his first race of the 2022 season in the Trofeo Majorca. Kévin Vauquelin will ride his first race as a new professional with our team.