World Team | Giro d'Italia
26 May 2024

Mickaël Leveau: “Our eight runners at the start showed themselves to be valiant”

The Giro d’Italia ended on Sunday in Rome with a massive sprint. Donavan Grondin, who participated in a Grand Tour for the first time, finished 10th in this final stage.


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Donavan Grondin

“The objective of the day was to go for a good sprint if I couldn’t anticipate. In the last turns, I was not well placed but afterwards I got back into position to grab this top 10 which is really positive for the future.”

Mickaël Leveau, directeur sportif

“We seized every opportunity until the end in this Giro. Ewen escaped, he took the lead at the Intergiro. I think it’s always a good moment in a rider’s career. L The objective then was to work for Donavan with a view to the sprint, on an urban circuit which suits him. He takes 10th place and demonstrates that he finishes this Giro in good conditions.

“At the start of this Giro d’Italia, we chose to field a young team with the ambition to discover and gain experience over a 3-week effort. We tried to seize as many opportunities as possible possible, with Ewen, or even Michel Ries or Alessandro Verre, sometimes annihilated by the battle of the favorites in the general classification. Our eight riders at the start showed themselves valiant by demonstrating a great state of mind – I think back to Jenthe’s activity. Biermans (4th in Fossano) and David Dekker on the stages promised to the sprinters, to the work of Alan Riou for his teammates Ewen Costiou, for his first Grand Tour, showed great promise during these three weeks, having experienced it. highs (a first top 10 on a stage) and lows (a fall in the 2nd week) which will shape him for the coming years, Donavan Grondin has shown consistency. allow them all to reach a new level.
All the riders of the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team, entered in this Tour of Italy, must get the maximum experience from these three weeks, demanding as always.”