Développement | Alpes Isère Tour
23 May 2024

Maxime Bouet: "a great team work by our riders"

In Saint-Savin, at the end of the 2nd stage of the Alpes Isère Tour, Martin Tjøtta took 4th place. This evening he is 5th in the provisional overall classification, while his compatriot Embret Svestad-Bårdseng is 4th.

Martin Tjøtta

‘This second stage of the Alpes Isère Tour was a good day for the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team. The instructions were to race for Embret and myself, and they were followed to the letter. I’d like to thank all my team-mates. We wanted to make the difference in the bumps to gain a bit of time in relation to the overall classification and the days ahead. Unfortunately I made a bad decision in the sprint, otherwise I think I could have finished even better. But we’re going to keep in mind the fact that we’ve put together a great stage as a team with a view to the final overall classification of this Alpes Isère Tour. Thanks again for the work done by my team-mates, it’s been a great day for the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team.’

Maxime Bouet, sports director

‘We recognised this second stage of the Alpes Isère Tour, and we knew that if this race wasn’t going to be won here, it could be lost for many of the competitors. Of course, nothing is done yet, but I’d like to pay tribute to the team spirit. The work done during the leg was the same as that requested at the briefing this morning. Everyone did their job. Giosuè Epis placed two of the three climbers from the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team, Martin Tjøtta and Embret Svestad-Bårdseng, in the ideal position for this race. I asked him to accelerate from kilometre 118. And that’s exactly what he did. It was almost like a blackboard. In the final, we had two riders in front out of six. Team ARKEA-B&B HOTELS was well represented. All we need is victory tonight. Embret is 4th in the provisional overall classification this Thursday, Martin 5th. That’s a good result. We’re keeping a low profile. There’s a lot of competition on this Alpes Isère Tour, but from a tactical point of view we had a very good stage.’


Martin Tjøtta
Embret Svestad-Bårdseng