30 January 2022

Grand Prix de la Marseillaise : Victory for Amaury Capiot !

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“The team did a very good job for me in the final of this edition of La Marseillaise. Maxime Bouetduring the last twenty kilometres the “regional” of the stage was a perfect guide for all of us on these roads that he knows by heart.

I really want to salute everyone’s work, I am happy because this is my first success in the professional ranks. I am starting my eighth pro season and this was what I was looking for this year. Nairo, Warren and Nacer are the designated leaders to win the most races, but behind them there is also a group of riders including Connor, Dan or me and we can also win races. It’s good for the team to win with riders who are not leaders when they have their chance. Connor had carte blanche until the Crêtes, after that it was all for me. I would like to thank once again the whole team who supported me perfectly in the difficulties of the day. Everyone was exemplary in putting me in the right place before the sprint.

Yvon Caër

YVON CAËR (Directeur-sportif): “We saw a very strong Arkea-Samsic team in the final. Our guys were in front at the key points. We were able to count on Maxime Bouet as road captain. He lives here and knows the roads by heart. I had challenged riders like Clément Russo, Connor Swift or Amaury Capiot to get over the difficult bumps of the course. The mission was more than accomplished. The whole team wanted to bring Amaury and we succeeded for this first race of the French calendar where the Arkea Samsic team had never won. The joy of Maxime Bouet at the finish shows the spirit of our group. It’s a great day.