Equipe développement | ZLM Tour
10 June 2024

Giosuè Epis 7th in the sprint

The ZLM Tour of the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS Développement team ended with a 7th place for Giosuè Epis on the last stage after a massive sprint in Oosterhout.


Photo : Aubin Lipke / ARKEA-B&B HOTELS

Giosuè Epis

“It was a day that went by very quickly, it was hard. The ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team was supportive of me in the end. I finished 7th in the sprint. Maybe I could have done better but it’s a positive result to end the week.”

Léonard Cosnier, Directeur Sportif

“We didn’t expect such a complicated step. There were curbs, it drove at an average of 49 km/h throughout. While crossing a village, David Dekker fell and at the same time it bordered. Runners got up and helped him get home. It came together but he was too tight to sprint. We therefore played the Giosuè Epis card. He takes 7th place. The automations are taking place, we are progressing race after race. I am happy with the involvement of the runners throughout the week. We feel that the contribution of David Dekker has strengthened the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS development collective and that the guys have invested well. On a different type of terrain than the classes 1 contested so far, this ZLM was educational for our young riders.”