Equipe Femmes | Volta Ciclista a Catalunya
08 June 2024

Emilia Fahlin, 10th

The first stage of the Tour of Catalonia took place today in Manresa. Emilia Fahlin gets a top 10.

Photos : Nicolas Martin / ARKEA-B&B HOTELS

Emilia Fahlin

“We had a very hot first stage here in Catalonia! So that was a big factor that made the race more difficult. I’m glad I managed to pass the main selection in the first difficult part. Then the sprint was a bit chaotic, with bad turns and crashes making the finish difficult to manage. There are definitely things that could have gone better, and I would like to give the girls a better result when given the opportunity. However, it was nice to be in the mix for the finale, and I learned some good lessons from it! The ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team fought very hard and I am sure we will be in contention for better results in the next two days.”

Grégoire Le Calvé, Directeur sportif

“Today’s race was made particularly difficult by the heat, with temperatures reaching 33 degrees all day. These extreme conditions quickly affected the peloton, which lost many elements from the first kilometers. There were five of us to play the sprint card. The finish was disrupted by numerous obstacles and Emilia finally finished 10th. Given the circumstances, finishing with 5 girls out of a group of sixty is already an encouraging performance. Our sprinters passed the bumps well, which is a positive sign for the next events.”