Développement | ZLM Tour
09 June 2024

David Dekker 7th in Roosendaal

David Dekker took 7th place in Roosendaal, scene of the 4th stage of the ZLM Tour. Offensive and initiating certain border shots, the Dutchman from the ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team was awarded the Combativity Prize.

David Dekker

“The weather forecast predicted very strong winds today. I know the roads here well, I was motivated. I have tried several times to initiate borders. We had two passages on a bridge exposed to the wind. During the 2nd pass, the peloton broke and we were able to get out. Our group of around ten runners was seen again before the red flame unfortunately. I tried to sprint once it was in but I had put in a lot of effort beforehand to make sure we got to the end. It’s a shame not to have been rewarded a little better.”

Léonard Cosnier, directeur sportif

“The ARKEA-B&B HOTELS team completed a great stage. The circuit included a passage over a bridge which was exposed to the wind. We took the temperature on the first passage. On the second passage, the instructions were to position David Dekker well. This was the case. Around twenty runners with David came out. Then they found themselves at 9 and were caught shortly before the red flame. It was a very tense day with several scattered groups. work. David finished 7th in the sprint. Nicolas Milesi, Giosuè Epis, Lucas Janssen also finished in the first peloton.